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Why vendorZApp

Let's talk a little about why you should consider using our services.

vendorZApp was born out of a desire to help the businesses, which are starting small but have a potential to make it BIG.

In a world that’s constantly changing the way you communicate and connect with your customers, for many technology may be overwhelming.
At vendorZApp, we simplify your transition to virtual presence through your business branded ecommerce mobile apps, be it on Android or iOS. If you are looking for an e-commerce solution that can get you online in days instead of weeks or months, look no further. We have built a platform with an easy-to-use admin panel for your team, so that you can get your content online in just a few days.
Gone are the days when you would have to think about the complexities of having a technology solution for your business, starting from designing the system, all the way through getting it implemented right and then worrying about maintaining it properly. Leave the complexities to us and focus on simply engaging with your customers through mobile apps/websites that your customers can access exclusivesly to reach you. No worrying about customers being digressed with multiple competitors around. When a customer accesses your app, they should see just your products. Retain loyalty through communications that you can send out to your customers, while also pushing out updates about your business. All from one simple interface that we have built for you.