GST based Billing

Add HSN codes and manage tax rates on your products.

Create temporary orders and book invoices when you bill your customers.

Get tax reports for your accounting. Pay GST easily at the end of the month.

Inventory Management

Manage your product inventory and raw material inventory.

Track product usage and wastage.

Monitor stock levels and set minimum stock levels, so you can re-order on time.

Get procurement reports grouped by vendors.


Map bar-codes to products for easy billing.

Search for products easily with our multi-field search.

Split payments between multiple modes or multiple cards.

Track pending payments with ease.

Get your accounts tallied easily at the end of the day.

Cloud Backup

Choose our cloud based back-up option and have your data backed up every day.

Never lose your data to a system crash.

Opt for our online tracking and view data from multiple outlets on the move.

Restaurant Enabled

Manage your tables and orders.

Mobile based ordering by captains.

KOT and BOT directly to the kitchen and beverage counters.

Order status tracking, for efficient turn-around.


Opt for a website and/or mobile app from vendorZApp and plug your data right in to your online channels.

One stop solution for all your online channels and offline ordering.


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