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Customers Speak

We are mangoMango farmers
We are happy to choose vendorZApp as a product rather than building own app. The mangoMango app, when we started using it, was already mature, stable and well designed to cater all our important functions. We also got few extra functions as a bonus, which we wouldn't have taken on priority if making own app.
The app made us launch our mobile channel confidently and much faster than we had planned.

In rare cases when issues occurred, the support was quick and effective with really fast turnaround time.

The main drive to go ahead with vendorZApp was the safety to share company data. Abhishek is a great guy, ethical and principled. This subscription App came out to be exactly what I needed . Very convenient, and simple. It saves a lot of effort and time and has given us a scope for expansion. The team has been very prompt and accommodating with all our requests.
Thank you team vendorZApp.