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Mobile and Web App Development

Custom Android and iOS app and web development with full blown back-end systems for your business

So, you have specific requirements that you need to take care of, for your business? That's what we are here for.

We engage closely with our clients to understand their requirements, design and develop solutions that meet the use-cases perfectly.

We have a two staged approach to custom development. 
Stage 1: We engage with yourself or your team and document the use-cases that you wish to cater to. Once the use-cases are finalized, we work on a wire-frame based interaction design. The outcome of this exercise is a complete clickable design that you can use to validate that all your use-cases are being met. The deliverable is in the form of a pdf document that you can keep and use. Of course, this is a paid and it will be well worth your time and money.

Stage 2: Once the design is verified and accepted by your team, we give you a quote on the actual develpment effort. Since you have the design ready, it's easy for you to imagine what the final outcome will be. The possibility of gaps in your understanding and ours, is reduced to the minimum. Therefore, you can be assured of a fair quote and dependable timelines of delivery.

Have an idea or requirement in mind? Give us a shout. We promise you'll get your time's worth.

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