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The Team

Who we are

vendorZApp exists for the sole purpose of helping businesses find the perfect technical solution to their business problems to enhance the way they carry on business today and make it more efficient. We help businesses to save time and therefore increase their turnover, customer satisfaction and eventually, their profitability.

The Team

With a team of highly skilled and driven individuals, we bring passion and expertise to every customer of ours.
Be it designing a solution from scratch, or revamping your existing technology interfaces, our team can help you move in the right direction.

While most of our team is made of full-stack developers and testers, each one of us specializes in certain areas. So, whatever your technology plans, we'll have experts working with you all the way. 

Clockwise L-R Shubham, Rupali, Prashant, Saurabh, Chaitali, Aftab

Abhishek Iyer, who is the founder of vendorZApp Technologies, started his technology career with some of the Tier 1 technology companies, like Infosys and TCS in India.
Following that, he also worked with some product companies where he moved gradually from a purely technical role to focusing on user experience design. After having spent a little over a decade in the industry, he decided to start off his own venture with a 'people first' paradigm. Today, with a team that is driven by a passion for designing and developing user focussed solutions for the small and mid sized business segments, Abhishek is working closesly with entrepreneurs in various industries to make their life easier with the help of technology.  

Abhishek Iyer