The Field Force Sales Management System


Attendance tracking

Field staff can mark day start and day end.

Location of each activity, including orders, meetings and others tracked.

Daily and monthly time clocked can be analyzed for payroll processing.

Flexible User Roles

Create roles as per your organization structure.

Map supervisors and reportees easily to users.

Supervisors get access to reportees' data.

Target Management

Supervisors can manage targets for reportees.

Every user can view targets and sales of all reportees in their tree.

Product updates

Keep your product batches and prices up-to-date, so that your sales team always sells the right ones.

Apply schemes to certain geographies, or to all.

Apply discounts on batches based on percentage, rate off or give free products on certain quantites.


Manage Sellers

Manage Distributors

Manage Super Stockists

Assign owners to each one of these from among your users, so you know who's ensuring inventory at all these selling points.


Get the reports you need. 

Stay on top of your game.


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